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Cybercultural is a newsletter covering the intersection of technology and the cultural industries, written by longtime digital journalist Richard MacManus.

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This newsletter crosses multiple cultural sectors (e.g. music, tv/movies, books, media). Unlike other newsletters that simply focus on one sector, Cybercultural identifies commonalities across the various cultural industries in regards to digital technology.

If you work in music, for instance, you probably don't need another music newsletter. But what about a newsletter that shows you how to apply the digital innovations in TV to music? That’s what Cybercultural offers: cross-industry data and insights.

The following three editions of the newsletter illustrate the benefits of Cybercultural’s unique approach:

  • The edition on pop culture vs. online activities looked at the cultural relevance today of books, movies, and the album format in music.

  • The paper to digital edition examined how three different sectors - news media, magazines, and books - continue to adapt to digital disruption.

  • The internet platform dominance edition analysed the strengths and weaknesses of Big Tech in the following sectors: tv & movies, music, and newsletter media.

Which cultural industries are covered

The "cultural industries" are often called the "creative industries" and the definition is contested. But in a nutshell, I write about these sectors: 

  • Television, movies and online video

  • Radio and podcasting

  • Media (newspapers, magazines, blogs and email newsletters)

  • Book publishing

  • Music

  • Performing arts

  • GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums)

  • Gaming, Virtual Reality experiences

The "cyber" in Cybercultural refers to the massive impact digital technology has had on these industries over the past decade. You only need to look at the likes of Spotify, Netflix and Amazon, to realise that internet technology has profoundly changed the way cultural products are produced, distributed, paid for, and consumed. 

How much does Cybercultural cost?

$7 per month or $70 per year.

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Paid subscribers receive three emails per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings ET.

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Why does the email cost money?

Because I’m an indie journalist and I spend a lot of time researching and writing each email. This is literally my day job.

But at just $7 per month ($1.62 per week!), I’m positive you’ll find it great value.

About me

I was the founder and CEO of pioneering tech blog ReadWriteWeb (RWW) from 2003-2012. RWW was ranked among the top 10 blogs in the world, according to Technorati. It was syndicated by The New York Times between 2008-2011 and eventually acquired by SAY Media in December 2011.

As evidenced by what I built with RWW, I’ve had a passion for creativity on the Web for decades. Indeed, RWW was one of the first professional blogs and thus a forerunner of how newspapers and magazines evolved in the digital-first era.

The Cybercultural newsletter is my latest outlet for exploring the ongoing digitisation of the cultural industries.