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About me

I was the founder and CEO of pioneering tech blog ReadWriteWeb (RWW) from 2003-2012. RWW was ranked among the top 10 blogs in the world, according to Technorati. It was syndicated by The New York Times between 2008-2011 and eventually acquired by SAY Media in December 2011.

I now work for The New Stack, where I write a weekly column tracking the latest trends in web development. I also run an indie website called Web Development History, where I write 1-2 articles per month chronicling internet history from a developer perspective.

Cybercultural bridges the two worlds I’m fascinated by: internet past ☎️ and internet present 📱. This is a place where I can reminisce about Web 2.0 and opine about Web3 in the same breath.

I publish one newsletter per week, every Thursday (US).