Weekly Wrap-Up, 14-20 Sep 2019

New Washington Post ad network & other online advertising news

Exclusive data: email newsletters & monetization

Peak TV, Vevo vs Spotify, Björk VR, ebook re-sales, & more

Weekly Wrap-Up, 7-13 Sep 2019

Apple culture-tech news, the rise of vertical videos, & more

Bowie, Houdini & other reasons I ❤️ blogs and newsletters

4 cultural products in various stages of digital re-imagination

Media paywalls & micropayments, Patreon loans & RIAA profits

How blogs, newsletters & Tumblr can fight back against social media

Virtual beings, cyberpunk Keanu, AI creativity, & more

Alternatives to 'Spotify for x' subscription models

Revenue challenges in subscription era; + books & DVDs not dead yet

Hasbro + Tupac, Netflix human curators, Audible sued, & more

Immersive music, future of movie-making, digitising books, & more

How interactive media fits into the cultural landscape 🎮

AI in magazines, YouTube copyright news, streaming games, & more

Tumblr thoughts, the future of social, Spotify for Podcasters, & more

Are we doing enough to archive digital culture? 🗄️

Amazon Publishing muscle, Netflix interactive tv, Spotify tipping, & more


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