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I loved flickr and ShoZu, a Symbian app. Starting in the fall of 2004, I used ShoZu running on my Nokia 7610 cameraphone to upload 44000 photos.


Shozu was "A Better Experience" (trademark :-) ) for power users than today's flickr apps on iOS and Android. The good ole days :-) Come to Vancouver and visit Richard, coffee is on me :-) !

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I got my first digital camera 2001 and started snapping away without having a proper place to share my photos, except on my own personal web site(s), where I tried all the "photo album solutions". Then Web 2.0 started happening (I was living in London at the time, and worked with these things myself) which in turn started to connect all the things, via the brand-new concept of API's.

One of the things I have loved the most with Flickr is from those early years: it was connected to "everything". This meant it was easy to tie together photos between specific dates with your travel service, or a specific event, long before all the "social-do-it-all-here" sites (like Facebook) took over.

This in turn led to proper community building. Thanks to Flickr I've been on many events and meet-ups, which in turn generated friends IRL that I am friends with still today, some 18-19 years later. We met via Flickr, arranged meet-ups via some service which I forgot the name of now as I was about to type it out, went for photowalk(s) and then shared the results with each other. Lovely people. Some came with little compact cameras, some were seasoned famous professionals, and everyone loved photography (and having a pint whilst talking about photography and/or gear).

We also arranged photo challenges, in the sense of themes where we would push ourselves to take photos that sometimes were out of our comfort zone, or which unified around concepts like "RGB", or "silhouettes" etc, and then we helped each other with tips and tricks on how we could improve. Excellent stuff.

I have since moved back to my native Sweden, and the photo sharing landscape, as you say, is different these days, but those are the things I miss from back-in-the-days of Flickr. I still use Flickr for all my photos, that IS where it all lands in the end.

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It’s a post about nerding out on specific devices, so allow me to note If that Robot Co-op photo is from January 2006, those are PowerBooks G4, not MacBooks. Apple did not begin shipping the first MacBooks Pro until the following month, and the original MacBooks released later that year were clad in plastic, not aluminum, to match the PowerPC-based iBooks they were replacing.

You can also tell the ones with left edges facing the camera are PowerBooks: they lack the MagSafe power connector introduced with the MacBook Pro.

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