Sitemap - 2019 - Cybercultural

The decade in culture-tech: streaming, binging, opining

Top 5 Culture-Tech Trends of 2019

The Long Tail has failed the cultural industries

When digital is blended with reality

Re-inventing 20th century culture

How the internet is changing cultural content

Why the next wave of digital media is about 'experiences'

Change to Cybercultural subscriptions

Netflix for kids, Spotify Canvas, Audius copyright blues, & more

Radio TSL, Spotify Daily Drive, Remembering Flash, & more

The state of podcasting

Sports Illustrated debacle; Reading + cultural heritage in digital era

Weekly Wrap-Up, 28 Sep-4 Oct 19

Fortnite revenue dip, comics in streaming age, & more media M&A

Audiobooks deep dive: latest statistics & trends

Food52, NY Magazine, online advertising challenges, & more

Weekly Wrap-Up, 21-27 Sep 2019

Audio vs text: the rise of podcasts & audiobooks

Spotify upgrades artist app, ESPN on Facebook Watch, Google launches Play Pass, & more

Facebook Portal, pop music pressures, the plight of the creative class, & more

Weekly Wrap-Up, 14-20 Sep 2019

New Washington Post ad network & other online advertising news

Exclusive data: email newsletters & monetization

Peak TV, Vevo vs Spotify, Björk VR, ebook re-sales, & more

Weekly Wrap-Up, 7-13 Sep 2019

Apple culture-tech news, the rise of vertical videos, & more

Bowie, Houdini & other reasons I ❤️ blogs and newsletters

4 cultural products in various stages of digital re-imagination

Media paywalls & micropayments, Patreon loans & RIAA profits

How blogs, newsletters & Tumblr can fight back against social media

Virtual beings, cyberpunk Keanu, AI creativity, & more

Alternatives to 'Spotify for x' subscription models

Revenue challenges in subscription era; + books & DVDs not dead yet

Hasbro + Tupac, Netflix human curators, Audible sued, & more

Immersive music, future of movie-making, digitising books, & more

How interactive media fits into the cultural landscape 🎮

AI in magazines, YouTube copyright news, streaming games, & more

Tumblr thoughts, the future of social, Spotify for Podcasters, & more

Are we doing enough to archive digital culture? 🗄️

Amazon Publishing muscle, Netflix interactive tv, Spotify tipping, & more

Facebook SVOD, Google podcast search, Apple Music analytics, & more

Cybercultural update: launching paid subscriptions

Nearly extinct pop culture activities

Exclusive data: online gaming habits of Millennials & Gen X

Adapting to the post-print world

Taking on internet platform bullies 👊

The micropayments market

What YouTube Originals pivot tells us about premium content; plus other culture-tech news & data

Cybercultural update (survey results, schedule change & more)

Quick reader survey

AI in the cultural industries: uses & limitations

What Facebook's Libra means for Spotify & other media companies

How photo sharing is impacting the cultural industries (Cybercultural 6-17-2019)

Interview with Believe & TuneCore CCO Jonathan Gardner (Cybercultural 6-14-2019)

The Chernobyl Podcast & the value of internet deep dives (Cybercultural 6-12-2019)

The marketing upside of streaming theatre & virtual museums (Cybercultural 6-10-2019)

Is crowdfunding really a viable business model? (Cybercultural Daily Update 6-7-2019)

Digital first = Instagram first for this company (Cybercultural Daily Update 6-5-2019)

ESPN airballs its NBA live stream (Cybercultural Daily Update 6-2-2019)

Audiobook sales surge, print & ebooks decline (Cybercultural Daily Update 5-31-2019)

Beyond music distribution (Cybercultural Daily Update 5-29-2019)

Wattpad's Hollywood formula (Cybercultural Daily Update 5-27-2019)

What's new in online ticketing (Cybercultural Daily Update 5-22-2019)

Spotify & Google make moves in podcasting (Cybercultural Daily Update 5-20-2019)

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