I take a nostalgic trip back to 2007-11, when Tumblr, Soup.io, FriendFeed and other microblogging apps roamed the web. Also: are activity streams poised to make a comeback on the fediverse? 🧼
I look back on a forgotten age in social media, when you checked-in to a place 100 times and took photos of your huevos rancheros 🍳 🫘 ☕
What was it like using Flickr in early Web 2.0, in the age of digital cameras and before Instagram changed everything? 📸
I interviewed one of the creators of David Bowie's 1998 web portal, BowieNet.
How emerging tech trends in the 2020s — especially the metaverse, aka 3D internet — will change the way we perceive the world and ourselves.
Looking at the state of the mobile internet, present and past 📲 Why? Partly because Facebook wants its metaverse to be like the mobile internet.
Thoughts on a pre-internet era. Plus notes on Wordle, Pono, Twitter's algo, Facebook headwinds, and more.
Web 2.0 developers continue to be skeptical of Web3 and crypto. But that doesn't make it any less fascinating to dive into 🤿
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